Advanced Surgery

We are fully equipped with the anesthesia monitoring and surgical equipment, and our staff provide full care during the process, so we could provide a wide range of surgeries.

Our friendly staff would discuss with the whole process before the surgery, and would inform what to do before you bring your pet in on the day. Please discuss with us any concerns you have.

Our head veterinarian Dr Jason Wong has over 20 year’s experience in a wide variety of complex surgeries ranging from exploratory laparatomies to lumpectomies to orthopaedic surgeries. Dr Jason has a special interest in surgery, especially orthopaedic surgeries (Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy).


For animals requiring hospitalization after surgery or for other reasons as well, we take professional care for all our hospital patients. However, we are not a 24 hour clinic and we don’t have any one here overnight to watch over your pets. We will run checks for all hospital patients after hour, and early in the morning. For any urgent cases, we do suggest going to a 24 hour clinic if needed.

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