Pet Consultation

We offer a wide range of consultation from general health checks to unexpected illnesses,consultations are run by appointments, however if you have an emergency, please give us a call on the way, so we can prepare and get ready when you arrive.

Our veterinarians will give your pet a thorough check over while minimizing the stress levels of your pet as much as we can. We try our best to diagnose the issue for your pet, however, sometimes other diagnostic tools need to be used such as blood test, pathology and X-rays, all of which we can do in-house. We will also provide you with all the costs associated with these diagnostic procedures upfront as well.

Pet Consultation
Pet Consultation

General Health Checks

General health checks are important and necessary for various reasons, and it is important to maintain the health of your pet as well. All pets have a general heal check-up when having their annual vaccination at our clinic. We also provide newborn puppy and kitten health checks, senior health checks and dental health checks.

Our veterinarian provides a physical examination, get the history and discuss any concerns or issues you have during the health check-up consultation. And the vet may suggest blood or urine tests if necessary. Blood tests often find problems which is not shown from physical examination, and early determination and treatment could improve the quality of life.

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