Dental Care

Did you know

pet dental care?

Dental disease is one of the most common disease in dogs and cats. If you think about it, we humans usually brush our teeth twice daily. We recommend teeth brushing for our pets too, but sometimes it is hard to keep up with. The increased number of bacteria in your pet’s mouth causes a buildup of plaque and tartar over time if not maintained.

Pet Dental Care

What we can do for your pet?

We can examine your pet’s mouth as best we can. Sometimes we do need to do a full examination when they are under general anaesthesia as this reduces their stress as well. We can do a full scale and polish of your pet’s teeth under anaesthesia and if there are any diseased teeth, we usually recommend removal as this can be painful for your pet to keep.

Pet Dental
Pet Dental Care

What to watch out for?

• Smelly breath
• Difficulty eating
• Excessive drooling
• Discomfort in the mouth

Pet Dental Care

How to prevent dental disease?

• Regular brushing
• Using dental diets such as Hills T/D
• Feeding of raw meaty bones (exercise caution if using this method)
• Dental treats such as Greenies, Oravet etc
• Regular dental cleaning under anaesthesia with us

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