Desexing is a routine surgical procedure that we perform at Happy Tails Animal Hospital. This includes neutering of dogs, cats, rabbits and some other small animals.


Why should I choose Happy Tails Animal Hospital for my pet’s desexing?

Desexing procedures are performed under general anesthesia. With every anesthesia, there is always a small risk. Our qualified nurses take special care in anesthetic monitoring with the help of our state of the art equipment.
We perform desexing on a daily basis and our veterinarians and nurses are extremely careful during the procedure to ensure safety of your pet.
We also offer a pre-anesthetic blood test for your pet, please see more in the blood test tab.
If you have further questions, our friendly staff can give you more information.


Why should I desex?

Desexing can prevent any unwanted pregnancy/mating in your pet. It also removes the chances of your pet going “in season” as being in season can bring about some behavioural changes such as inappropriate urination, yowling, destruction of household items etc. This can all occur as your pet will be trying to find a mate especially when the warmer weather approaches.
Desexing your pet can also reduce the risk of life-threatening conditions such as pyometra (infection of uterus) in females and reduce the risk of cancer in both male and females.


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